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PODCAST: Phoebe Chalmers - Mentorship and Opportunity

Approximately 29% - That is the percentage of women working in STEM industry, a figure that still seems far too low given the benefits of gender diversity in the workplace, particularly around innovation and creativity. 

Continuing to look at the significance of the inaugural Women's America's Cup, this episode features the young sailor and engineer, Phoebe Chalmers. Mentored by Helena Scutt in the The Magenta Project Mentorship Program, Phoebe is not only making waves as a member of the Magenta Foiling Team but also as an aspiring engineer. Phoebe's story highlights the importance and value of mentorship for young women in the workplace, and also shows how increasing female representation at the America's Cup, will surely increase the number of women working on the design and engineering side of future America's Cup teams. 


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